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J's Sweet Treats

Our Story

J’s Sweet Treats was created in 2016 after a successful pop-up shop that catapulted it’s existence. What started out as a hobby to create amazing cakes and treats for family and friends, turned into a lifestyle with unlimited potential. With zero culinary training, a keen eye and favor from above, Juana M. William’s took a leap of faith and retired from her successful 25-year Corporate Management Career to fulfill her dream of building a legacy her family could be proud of.

Juana immediately carved her own space on the culinary scene grabbing national attention through both television and print. As the business grew, Williams enlisted the assistance of her oldest daughter, Takia to be her right hand. Takia quickly learned to bake like J, think like J and to be a BOSS like J. She now manages their Parsons Avenue location.

This premier boutique bakery is truly a family affair as Williams’s youngest daughter, Ma’Khala is often seen at the bakery running the front of the house and handling miscellaneous task. Her oldest son, De’Vante who resides in Florida is often just a phone call away to bounce ideas off of and to occasionally talk her off the ledge.

When it comes to building, fixing, attaching and making all of the technology run smoothly, Williams defers to her amazingly supportive husband Vance (a technology wiz and construction expert) and her big brother Trevor, owner of TW Construction to make the magic happen.

J's Sweet Treats

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J's Sweet Treats